Booking & Reservation

The whole booking and reservation process is completed in English from the first contact to the sending off at the airport. We provide our advice absolutely free of charge (before and during order processing) quickly and reliably.
The final booking is made in writing through e-mail. Verbal bookings (through phone, or social media) should be confirmed in writing by both side later through e-mail as well.
Tour operator is to use booking documents, which contain all essential information about the customer's order with reference to the travel offer (catalog, detailed itinerary, prospectus and terms of agreement, etc.) which is the basis for the booking.
The person who’s booking for himself or third party is considered as the customer and to accept the obligations of the agreement with the tour operator (payments, cancellation, withdrawal from the contract, etc.).
For booking and reservation, the tour operator may charge a processing fee and a specified deposit. The remaining payment as well as some expenses (in case sending signed documents via postal service needed) are due to tour operator when handling over the tour package (not personal documents) of the service provider.
Tour operator is obliged to submit a confirmation of the travel and signed contract documents (travel confirmation) to the traveler (or customer) upon or immediately after conclusion of the contract.
The booking procedure is proceeded by e-mail and contains the following steps:
• Customer's request and inquiries (with requests and questions about featured or specially requested tours and explorations)
• Determination of the traveling date and detailed information by the customer (if necessary after several consultations)
• Non-binding offer from the tour operator (with proposals and counter-questions)
• Binding price offer (with terms of service and payment agreement)
• Confirmation of the selected tour/exploration package is done with deposit payment (20% of the whole quote)
• Travel confirmation from the tour operator (not including the withdrawal insurance and to apply for visas)
• When the local flight is booked by us (MIAT) notice about the ticket purchase and dispatch of the tickets will be carried out by the tour operator. In case of the flight switch notice on deposit of the tickets will be notified immediately by the tour operator.
• Transfer of the second deposit (40%) by the customer needs to be paid up to 8 weeks before departure (for long-term bookings)
• Transfer of the remaining payment (40% or 80%) by the customer up to 4 weeks before arrival to Mongolia
Please note:
We must inform you that, despite the best planning and security, external or unpredictable events can force us to change the planned tour schedule at a short notice. In case of such event we will notify you as soon as possible. These include, in particular, the weather and sudden flight changes within Mongolia.
For those customers who are concerned about our promises and are yet to find out more about us, we offer special arrangements, such as making a final payment only upon arrival in Mongolia at our Ulaanbaatar office. We offer you the best possible solutions to meet your requests and wishes.